58486 Flow clear Sand Filter Pump 3000GAL فلتر رملي

شامل التوصيل

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    • Durable, corrosion-resistant filter tank
    • 6-position valve allows for easy filter control
    • Built-in timer lets you set an automated working period.
    • Top flange clamp design allows 360° rotation for quick and smooth installation.
    • Easy-to-read pressure gauge
    • Included ChemConnect™ Dispenser maintains and provides clean, healthy pool water. Dispenser provides a stable level of chlorine needed for proper chemical balance.
    • The pre-filter strainer basket is an added mechanism that filters to catch larger particles such as leaves, hairs, and dirt.
    • Protects your pump impeller and longevity of your pump to continuously run smoother.
    • This product is preassembled for added convenience.
    • Compatible with 1.25 in. / 3.2 cm valves using included adaptors.
    • Can be connected to 1.5 in. / 3.8 cm threaded valves.
    • This product works with normal sand convention or with Bestway’s highly efficient Polysphere™ product.
    • Brand: Bestway
    • Model number: 58486
    • Rating: 220-240V~, 500W
    • Tank Diameter: 38.5 cm – 15″
    • Sand Capacity: 36.0 kg – 79.4 lbs
    • Polysphere Capacity: 1,000 g – 2.20 lbs
    • Certification: CE
  • Sand not included.
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  • للعميل حق استرجاع او تبديل المنتج او اعاده المبلغ بالكامل ( ماعدا رسوم التوصيل ) خلال ١٤ يوم من تاريخ الفاتوره.
  • شرط ان يكون المنتج بحالته الاصليه بالكرتون ولايتعرض للتخريب او يكون تالف ويكون مع كامل الاكسسوارات وقابل للعرض والبيع مره اخرى.
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  • جميع المنتجات مكفوله في حال وجود اي خلل او عيب مصنعي يتم الاستبدال او إعاده المبلغ .شكرا لاختياركم شركة قاروه
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